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The Bankcard team members are experts in handling high-risk merchant payment processing for a variety of high-risk industries. We specialize in adult merchant accountsoffshore merchant accountsbad credit merchant accountsCBD merchant accounts and almost instant approval high-risk merchant accounts.

We also spend a lot of time getting fast approvals for credit repair company merchant accounts, document prep merchant accounts, online pharmacy payment processing.

Crypto, Adult, CBD and Nutra are the areas we’re growing the fastest in, but Forex merchant accounts are making a run for the #5 spot.

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As a business owner, you know that the internet is one of the best marketing tools for your company. It allows you to reach people who would otherwise be inaccessible, and it’s also cost-effective compared to traditional methods such as advertising. But if your business has a high-risk merchant account, this might not be possible.

A high-risk merchant account means that your business has been identified as being more susceptible to fraud and other types of illegal activity related to credit cards or electronic payments. The good news is that it is still possible to continue operating an online store even if you have a high-risk merchant account. Let’s take a look at some ways in which this can happen.

If you’re looking for a merchant account that’s right for your business, we’re here to help.

We know that high-risk merchant accounts can be tricky, and we want to make sure you get the right one. We’ll take the time to understand your business and how you accept payments, so we can match you with the perfect processor. Our goal is to be your partner in setting up your account and making sure it runs smoothly from day one. That’s why we work with some of the best processors around.

We also offer virtual terminals and rolling reserves so that you can accept credit cards anywhere and everywhere. Plus, our customer service team will help you out whenever you need it!

You can still get a high risk merchant account

Even if you have a high risk business, don’t let that stop you from doing business online. You can still accept credit card payments and you can still accept payments from your customers. The only difference is that with a high risk merchant account, there may be restrictions on how much money you can withdraw in one transaction.

By paying attention to how much money comes in each month and using your funds wisely, it will be easy for you to keep track of what’s going out and what’s coming in. This is important because without keeping track of the numbers, it could be hard for some businesses owners to make ends meet when there are problems with their finances or cash flow issues arise unexpectedly because they didn’t plan ahead properly beforehand!

Your business can maintain its online presence even if it is high risk.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to give up your online business to the big banks. High risk merchant accounts exist, and even if you receive a chargeback from a customer, your account can remain open. With an online business, it’s essential for you to be able to process credit cards and accept payments electronically so that you can continue doing business. And with a high risk merchant account, there’s no reason why this has to change. You will still be able to maintain your online presence as well as sell products or services online through various means such as PayPal or Square (though some options may require higher fees).

You can maintain your online merchant account by ensuring you are PCI compliant at all times.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to help merchants and service providers protect customers’ credit card data. Any merchant that processes, stores or transmits any type of credit card data must be compliant with PCI DSS by the end of their current calendar year.

To become compliant with this standard, you will have to complete certain requirements such as:

  • Implementing strong access controls for server management functions and privileged accounts

  • Applying security patches within 48 hours after release

  • Establishing policies on system monitoring and audit trails

  • Conducting annual penetration testing against a live environment

There are three levels of PCI compliance, and the requirements differ based on how much credit card processing you do each year.

PCI compliance is based on the number of credit cards you process annually. In other words, the more cards you process and the more data you store, the more stringent your PCI compliance requirements will be. There are three levels of PCI compliance: basic, moderate, and high.

  • Basic — This is what most small businesses start with when first obtaining a merchant account. The requirements are few and far between (basically just signing up for an annual security scan).

  • Moderate — A moderate merchant account will require increased reporting and monitoring by your processor (also known as an acquirer). It’s important to note that even though these higher standards may seem overly burdensome now, they could save your business from significant losses down the road if something goes wrong with your network or website infrastructure—and should be seen as an investment in its longevity instead of a cost burden now!

  • High-risk merchants also have higher exposure than other merchants because they handle sensitive information like bank credentials or Social Security numbers through their processing systems.

Anyone who processes credit cards must be PCI compliant.

Anyone who processes credit cards must be PCI compliant. That’s because the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council requires it, and their standards are designed to protect cardholder data.

The cost of being PCI compliant is low compared to the losses you will incur if you suffer a data breach.

The cost of being PCI compliant is low compared to the losses you will incur if you suffer a data breach.

It is important to note that there are other costs associated with being PCI compliant, but on average it costs less than $150 per month for companies over $10 million in annual revenue. This figure can vary depending when and how often your company undergoes an audit and what type of merchant account you have, among other factors.

Purchasing appropriate insurance is another way to protect your business.

Insurance is another way to protect your business against losses. Insurance can cover costs related to data breaches, merchant account termination, chargebacks, and fines. In addition to the high risk merchant account fees discussed above, there may be a fee for the insurance premium itself (which is usually a year-long contract).

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Emily Wallace

Businesses can be labeled as “high-risk” for a number of reasons including the length of time you’ve been in business, your personal credit, whether your business is considered to be in a “high-risk” industry, amount of chargebacks, among others. In some cases, once it’s determined that your company needs a high-risk payment gateway means your business will undergo extra scrutiny in order to receive merchant services. Bankcard is here to help.

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Bankcard Connect integrates seamlessly with ISV software to simplify payment processing for merchants: any payment type, on any device, anywhere. 

Bankcard integrates with over 99% of the tools you are already using, including popular accounting software and e-commerce apps, regardless of your industry. Our payment services were designed to be adaptable to provide seamless integrations for our customers.

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For the third year in a row, we’ve been ranked as the best cryptocurrency payment gateway. Is it because of our good looks? Maybe. But it’s probably because we’ve helped thousands of high-risk businesses accept crypto regardless of their payment processing history, industry or credit rating. 

We know crypto… so it’s cool if you’re not an expert (yet). Our team of experts are here for you… from the first phone call to deployment and, of course, amazing ongoing support. 

Cryptocurrency is the ideal solution for so many companies, as it reduces fraud, eliminates chargebacks and the fees are normally much lower vs. accepting credit cards online.

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We know that finding the perfect offshore merchant account can be difficult. If you’ve ever had a high-risk business and tried to get approved by an offshore credit card processing provider before, then chances are your application was denied at least once (or more).

It doesn’t matter whether it’s been because of location challenges or risk factors such as country restrictions on foreign currency transactions; we understand what these risks mean for a business like yours.

This is why our team has created simple, easy-to-manage offshore merchant account solutions tailored to fit each company’s needs.

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The #1 adult payment processor for adult sites, cam sites, strip clubs, sex toy websites, dating apps and gentleman’s clubs. 

When it comes to finding the best adult merchant account, Bankcard offers a full suite of solutions that allow your brand to grow. 

As one of the earliest adult payment processors online, we have years of experience working with every type of business in this industry. We fully understand the individual payment needs of each type of adult entertainment business.

We’re also the top adult sex doll merchant account provider in the world.

Adult Merchant Account 

Grow your business by opening your door to customers paying with EBT cards. From sign-up to set-up, EBT processing is easy and painless.

Every year, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card payments account for roughly 2.6 billion transactions per year.

The EBT system allows state welfare departments to issue benefits via a magnetically encoded payment card. Opening your doors by accepting EBT payments allows you the opportunity to grow your business while providing EBT customers access to your goods and services.

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BankCard Connect provides the flexibility you need to integrate and expand your software offering with our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Payment Program.

Generate new revenue by adding payment processing to your software stack. BankCard Connect seamlessly integrates with ISV software to make it easy for merchants to process any type of payment, anywhere, on any device.

Interested in seeing how it works? Play in our developer sandbox to get a feel for the Bankcard experience before actually processing any transactions. Explore the full capabilities—including reporting tools and unique features like subscription billing.

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A Comprehensive Program for Agents, ISOS, Referral Partners & VARs

We know a thing or two about small and medium businesses, which is why we created a partner program. We pride ourselves in supplying our partners with value-added resources and support, so they can offer SMBs tools that will increase, retain, and track revenue.

We provide partners with the materials, technologies, and support they need to successfully differentiate their business and close accounts.

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