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Fast funding, transparent pricing

Pay interchange plus pricing on all major credit cards, including American Express. See deposits in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Quick setup, no cancellation fees

The equipment is free and the set up is fast. There are no long-term commitments so you can cancel at anytime.

Securing your business

Have peace of mind knowing that all transactions are processed with built-in security measures with any of our products, services, and solutions.

Personal support, tailored solutions

Our services are customized to fit the unique needs of your business—and a dedicated support team you can actually count on 24/7.

Payment Processing as Unique as Your Business

We understand that each business has its own distinct needs and concerns. This means that no one service package is right for every business. We offer a wide variety of merchant services and will work with your business to determine which of our many services best fit your current needs – and which ones you might want to consider in the future as your business grows.

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Customers want to process payments from anywhere in the world at anytime. We make that happen, servicing customers and clients wherever they find you:

    • In-Store
      Streamline in-store purchases with solutions to fit your unique business.

    • Online
      E-commerce is easier than ever with simple and secure online payment processing.

    • Mobile
      Cut the cord and accept payments anytime, anywhere.

    • Integrated
      Do away with manual tracking. Integrate your systems for greater accuracy and better forecasting.

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Improve the customer experience by choosing a product that fits your business’s unique needs. Our products give you full customization and control to choose the right solution to accept all the different types of payments at your business:

    • Equipment/POS
      You need your technology to operate quickly and reliably. Our solutions and free equipment are tailored to suit your business.

    • ACH Processing
      Get paid faster and save on transaction fees, all while making payments more convenient for your customers.

    • Integration
      Our customized solutions integrate with 99.99% of all equipment and software on the market, so you don't have a learning curve.

    • Surcharge / Cash Discount Processing
      Save on transaction fees by adding a service charge to customers’ card transactions and offering discounts to those who pay with cash.

    • Check & eCheck Processing
      Make processing physical checks and eChecks easier than ever before, minimizing the risk and effects of bad checks.

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Our services and specialty go beyond what you might find with other payment processing providers, making us a complete one-stop shop.

    • High Risk Processing
      We ensure that your business can process payments with a high risk merchant account.

    • Capital
      Applying for a small business loan has never been easier. We help you get the business capital you need today to start building for tomorrow.

    • ATM
      Onsite ATMs offer another path to easier revenue and increased incidence of impulse purchases by in-person customers.

    • EBT
      Accept EBT payments through the same or separate terminals used for credit and debit card processing.

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Pricing Models that Work for You

Interchange Plus (a.k.a. Cost +)

We extend Cost+ merchant pricing to everyone, without setup or cancellation fees. This passes on savings and complete transparency to your business, regardless of whether you serve customs on a local or national scale.

  • Transparent monthly statements that clearly describe all fee components
  • Lower overall cost than tiered, flat, and subscription pricing models
  • Normally reserved only for large merchants

Zero Fee Processing

Our Zero fee processing option passes on the fees for credit card processing transactions to customers, so you keep 100% of the sale. Customers can always choose to pay with a debit card as a no-fee option.

  • Accept credit cards at 0% cost and only pay for debit card transactions
  • Built-in compliance to follow all the rules, so you don’t have to worry
  • Quick and simple setup, transparent pricing

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