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We’re committed to doing good in the world, which is why we work to create opportunities and give back to the community around us.

BankCard Giving

Our team is passionate about our communities and strives to make a positive impact on the world. We’ve partnered with a number of hand-selected causes to make contributions throughout the year. This diverse group of organizations gives you and our team the chance to make an impact and feel connected to communities both close-to-home and around the world.

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If your business is a 501(c)(3) registered charitable organization, BankCard offers discounted merchant account pricing. If you are a qualifying nonprofit and looking to accept payments, we can help. Find out how BankCard works to solve your needs and join the movement.

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BankCard Giving Frequently Asked Questions

BankCard has partnered with hand-selected nonprofit organizations to make contributions throughout the year. We are always working to grow our partner organizations so that customers like you connect can connect with a cause that matters.

Donation amounts are decided with feedback from customers and recommendations from our board. We are continuously evaluating our connections to ensure that the organizations we partner with are causes that our customers find meaningful.

Donations are made from BankCard’s revenue, so there is no cost for your business to participate in the selection of any particular cause or organization. Your participation allows us to make an impact with causes that our customers are passionate about.

Selecting a cause with BankCard Giving has no impact on your application for a merchant account.

We highlight specific organizations monthly. Occasionally that feature lines up with national campaigns, but ultimately our goal is to publicly show support for the incredible work these organizations accomplish.

We routinely review our list of partner organizations with feedback from our team and customers to ensure everyone can connect with causes they feel passionate about.

Although we try to maintain a wide range of nonprofit partners across a variety of causes, we aren’t able to open the selection to every organization. Because of the strict requirements around maintaining donation records and our goal to make a large impact with each partner organization, we are only able to accept donations to our hand-selected partners. However, we would love your feedback to hear about organizations and causes that you’re passionate about as we routinely review our group of partner organizations. Contact us at to provide feedback.

Since the contribution is sent directly from BankCard and isn’t deducted from your monthly fees, any contribution made to the program cannot be substituted for a billing discount. Donations are made from our earnings to fulfill our mission to give back to our communities.

Since contributions are sent directly from BankCard and not deducted from your monthly fees, they do not qualify as tax deductible donations.

BankCard Giving makes financial contributions to our partner organizations, but our team also volunteers their time to give back to causes they care about. We want to be as transparent as possible, so for the most up-to-date information on volunteer time and money donated to our partner organizations, follow us on social media.

When your business participates in BankCard Giving and selects an organization to contribute to, you are given a BankCard Giving badge. You can promote your participation in the program and commitment to positively impacting your community by proudly displaying the badge on your website or sharing it through your social media channels.