Bankcard Giving

Bankcard Giving is about so much more than giving. 

Not only do we highlight different organizations from one month to the next, but we also often coordinate our efforts to feature national campaigns showing support for the powerful work these organizations do and raising awareness about them and their causes.

Bankcard hand selects the organizations we support through contributions, volunteering, and other donations and we want to share the opportunity to support these worthwhile organizations with our valued customers. We offer an easy option for Bankcard customers to participate in doing good things for other people, animals, and causes.

Bankcard is passionate about giving back to the community in an effort to make a positive impact on the world. That’s why we’ve established Bankcard Giving. Through this initiative, we’ve partnered with a number of causes and organizations to contribute to throughout the year, allowing us to make powerful connections with local communities as well as those located throughout the world.

How can you get involved?

Donations are made from Bankcard’s revenue, so there’s no cost for your business to participate. Just by partnering with Bankcard for your merchant account and payment gateway, you’re already participating and making an impact.

This is why you’re given a Bankcard Giving badge. You can promote your participation in the program and commitment to positively impacting your community by proudly displaying the badge on your website or sharing it through your social media channels.