High Risk Merchant Accounts for Travel Businesses

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Why Travel Businesses are Considered High Risk:

You can do everything right and still be considered "high risk" because of the industry you're in. Payment processors consider the travel industry high risk because the time period between the transaction and date of travel leave a lot of opportunity for things to change, like:

  • Travel plan cancellations by the buyer
  • Personal emergencies
  • Natural disasters that force cancellations
  • Vendors or service providers (hotels, restaurants, tour groups, entertainment venues, etc.) go out of business

Consider Your Options with Payment Processing

Since your business will most likely be considered high risk, you need a payment processing company that understands your unique risks as part of the travel industry. That's why you should look for one that offers:

  • PCI compliance and EMV readiness
  • A thorough understanding of your industry and your unique needs as a travel provider
  • Fraud and chargeback solutions to assist you when these occur
  • Transparent, easy-to-understand rates
  • Policies that allow your business an adequate amount of available cash flow to keep things running and fuel your growth

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