Credit Card Processing

We offer you flexible payment processing solutions with built-in security for minimal risk and maximum speed.

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You already have plenty to worry about. Credit card processing shouldn’t require hurdles to mark off your “to do” list. We believe the process of accepting credit card payments should be virtually painless.

Affordable Rates for Credit Card Payment Processing

Many companies promise everything under the sun when trying to gain your business. Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, they introduce you to service charges, fees, bad support, and added products to purchase in order to use their credit card processing services. At BankCard, we will never hit you with rate hikes or confusing fees, and our equipment is provided free of charge.

Payment Card Industry (PCI)
Compliance and Security

PCI compliance and providing adequate security to your customers can be a headache, especially for small businesses that lack the enterprise-level resources larger businesses have at their fingertips. We remove the hassle by providing you with abundant security tools to protect customer data and compliant payment processing products ready to implement in your business.

Industry-Specific Payment Processing Options

Different industries have unique needs when it comes to processing payments. Whether you need to accommodate tipping or increased flexibility for customers, we work with you to identify industry-specific needs you may have and offer solutions that meet them.

Access to Funds within 24 Hours

We get it—you want fast access to your funds. With our processing, you have the option to get your money as soon as the next business day, so you can reinvest the funds in your business (or enjoy some of the fruits of your labor) without delay.

24-Hour Technical Support

We understand that problems occur and questions arise outside of traditional banking hours. In fact, they almost always happen at the worst possible moments. We’re there for you whenever you need us, with our outstanding 24/7 customer services and technical support team dedicated to helping you.

Free EMV/NFC Terminal or Mobile Reader

We want you up and running as quickly as possible, so we provide free equipment, including EMV/NFC ready terminals and mobile readers. Give your customers the security and convenience of chip readers and services like Android, Apple, and Samsung Pay. Or come out from behind the terminal and meet customers where they’re at with mobile readers.

Payment Processing Solutions, No Matter How Your Customers Shop

Get your customers through the checkout line and on their way as quickly as possible, no matter how they’re paying. BankCard provides free equipment, reprograms existing equipment, or seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM for quick and easy payment processing.


Streamline in-store purchases with solutions to fit your unique business.

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E-commerce is easier than ever with simple and secure online payment processing.

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Cut the cord and accept payments anytime, anywhere.

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Do away with manual tracking. Integrate your systems for greater accuracy and better forecasting.

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Accept EBT payments through the same or separate terminals used for credit and debit card processing.

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High Risk

We ensure that your business can process payments with a high risk merchant account.

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