Gift Card and Loyalty Solutions to Make Your Business Stand Out

Create customized gift card and loyalty programs that suit your business and differentiates your brand from everyone else in the market.

Custom Solutions to Help Grow Your Brand

Loyalty programs drive your customer retention rates, and gift cards continue to grow in popularity and drive foot traffic to your store. Most gift card recipients spend up to 38% more than the original value and visit a store more often after receiving a gift card. We’ll help match you to a custom, innovative gift card or loyalty solution to match the needs of your growing business.

Our Gift Card Solutions

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one bundled option or custom cards and carriers, we can help you develop the gift card solution your business needs to succeed. And our solutions even sync authorizations with your POS, cutting back on the fraudulent activities associated with paper certificates. You have your choice of a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Card design and production
  • Program bundles, including carriers and displays
  • Marketing resources and tips
  • Third-party distribution via gift card malls or online
  • Five distinct stored values (reloadable, merchandise return, marketing and incentive, third-party distribution, and petro).
  • Advanced reporting

Customize Your Gift Card Solution

Our Loyalty Solutions

Keep your customers coming back and extend their life cycle with BankCard’s loyalty solutions. Our real-time reporting, analysis, and fulfillment services help you create a customized end-to-end customer loyalty program to target your best customers. You’ll notice easy implementation and low maintenance, while your customers will love your rewards. Choose from points, cash rebates, or select online rewards from a catalog of more than 6 million reward choices. Experience the highest quality in loyalty solutions from BankCard, including:

  • Comprehensive reward management
  • Flexible reward options
  • Communication tools (postal mail, email, in-store, or web)
  • Personalized offers
  • Options to combine accounts or gift points

Customize Your Loyalty Program

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