The Flexibility of Full Integration with Products Across Industries

We understand that you’ve seen it all and may have a few scars to show from bad experiences with payment processing services in the past. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes find flexible, friendly payment processing options by integrating with 99.99% of all systems and software.

We take immense pride at BankCard Services in offering exceptional adaptability, plus we are happy to reprogram your existing equipment to work with our integrated payment solutions, so you don’t need to add learning new equipment into the mix when making the seamless transition to our payment processing services.

Government organizations face a growing need for secure payment processing services while managing highly specific needs for content management and security. We can work with popular technology products government agencies prefer, like Ciber and Cubic, to create an integrated solution that meets all your needs for processing payments, managing information, and more.

The need and demand for mobile commerce solutions for businesses in all sectors is growing fast. You need payment processing solutions that can easily be integrated within your existing business structure while meeting the demands of the mobile commerce market.

Take your business on the road with our seamless integrations with the software and other tech products you are already using to manage the needs of your mobile audience. We even offer complete integration solutions with popular organizations like SK C&C.

Petroleum is big business and there are many technology products available to help you manage your business. BankCard Services makes it easy to integrate our payment processing solutions with your CRM technology and pay at the pump, so you can enjoy a seamless transition to our payment processing methods. Especially if you currently partner with these technology organizations:


  • Dresser Wayne
  • Excentus
  • Fuel Links
  • Fiscal Systems, Inc.
  • Gilbarco
  • LOC Software
  • Main Street Softworks
  • Petro RX
  • PetroVend
  • Radiant Systems
  • Retalix
  • VeriFone Ruby System

Restaurants have many challenging parts and pieces to get to work together. From maintaining inventory, determining when to order new foods, and managing food cost, waste, labor, and employees. It can get confusing without the right software to help walk you through it.

We understand that you depend on the technology you are familiar with to help you get through the workweek and have made the process of integrating with your technology products a painless proposition for your fine dining, casual dining, fast food, or quick service restaurant:


  • 911 Software, Inc.
  • Data Business Systems
  • Dinerware
  • Datacap Systems, Inc.
  • Main Street Softworks
  • Menusoft Systems Corp.
  • Micros Systems
  • Midnite Express, Inc.
  • /n Software Inc.
  • NCR
  • Ordyx
  • Radiant Systems
  • Revel Systems
  • Sicom Systems, Inc.
  • Squirrel Systems
  • Tempus Technologies
  • XPient Solutions
  • XProtean, Inc. (C-Payment Software)
  • Elavon (previously Southern DataComm and Global Card Services)

With massive needs to integrate inventory management, resource management, and payment processing into one seamless technology solution, BankCard Services works in conjunction with the technologies you’re already using to help grow your business:


  • 911 Software, Inc.
  • ACR Systems
  • Activant
  • Aldelo Systems, Inc.
  • Applied Micro Technology
  • Advanced Retail Management Solutions (ARMs)
  • Auto star
  • Cantaloupe Systems
  • Data Business Systems
  • Datacap Systems, Inc.
  • DataTech Corp
  • DataVantage
  • Edgil Associates
  • Elavon* 
  • Epicor (CRS, NSB)
  • Freedom Pay
  • Gateway Ticketing Systems
  • Idalica Corp
  • IJN Systems
  • IT Retail
  • KWI
  • Main Street Softworks
  • MBS Textbook Exchange
  • Medasyst, Inc.
  • Microsoft
  • /n Software, Inc.
  • PC America
  • POSiFlex
  • RATEX Business Solutions
  • Retail Data Systems
  • RTL Payment Systems
  • ScanSource, Inc.
  • Sicom Systems, Inc.
  • Slim CD
  • Tempus Technologies
  • Tender Retail Systems
  • The Software Mills
  • Tomax Corporation
  • Total Computing Solutions
  • TouchNet Information Systems
  • XProtean, Inc. (C-Payment Software)
  • XPient Solutions
  • Vista Entertainment Systems

*formerly Southern DataComm and Global Card Services

We’ve made it our mission to make payment processing integration between our services and yours painless and practical by offering easy integration with your technologies:


  • Datacap Systems
  • JPMA
  • LOC Software
  • Logivision
  • RORC
  • StoreNext
  • Torex

Travel and entertainment industry businesses come with their own challenges that we’re ready to meet head-on. You work in fast-paced environments requiring an easy transition to new payment processing services, which is why we integrate with the leading technology in travel and entertainment:

  • 911 Software, Inc.
  • Hotel Software Systems
  • Slim CD
  • Elavon
  • Tempus Technologies

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