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We specialize in high-risk payment processing and take the time to get to know your business, so you can be confident in your merchant services, no matter your business type:

  • Short term lenders
  • Brick-and-mortar payday lenders
  • Cash advance merchants
  • Other alternative financial services

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Why your payday loan business might be classified as a high-risk business

Payday lending and other short-term lending programs are a necessary and valuable service for consumers needing to make ends meet, but that doesn’t stop banks from classifying these businesses as high-risk for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Highly regulated industry involving consumer financial protection laws and restrictions
  • Banks are wary of the industry’s clientele, who may have bad credit and a history of damaging financial decisions, which can lead to non-payment, transaction disputes and more
  • Banks are also cautious due to the numerous Consumer Financial Protection Bureau lawsuits against bad players in the industry, despite the legitimate businesses in the industry

Find a Payment Processor that Understands Payday Lending

Many payday businesses have been refused merchant services for being considered high risk, which is why you need a payment processor that specializes in high risk merchant services. We work with payday lenders to provide services unique to your needs, including:

  • Check services
  • ACH
  • PIN debit
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Recurring billing
  • High volume payment solutions

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