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Why private airlines and charter jets are considered high-risk

The economy is on the rise and so is the private airline and charter jet industry. Payment processors still consider them high risk, though, because:

  • The high-value transactions
  • Flights can be delayed, changed, or even canceled for a variety of reasons
  • There are no regular routes or schedules, which could increase the risk of chargebacks
  • Scheduling and reservations are made online and in advance, also increasing risks of fraudulent purchases

Some things are just the nature of the business

Bankcard works with high-risk businesses like private airlines and charter jets to get the best credit card processing, so you can grow your airline without hassle or headaches. It pays to work with a credit card processing company that understands the intricacies of your business. In addition to the general things you should look for in a merchant provider, find a provider that offers:

  • Chargeback mitigation programs
  • Support for high-dollar transactions
  • Flexibility to work with customers in case a flight is delayed or canceled

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